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You can now apply online to Syngenta's Application Academy.

I've had an exciting last 18 months as I've transitioned from Golf Course Manager to a Technical Managers role. The journey has been tricky, enlightening and interesting with everyday being a huge learning opportunity.

The Art of Application Academy is something I'm very excited about putting together. The objective for me is to try to distill down a few of the key points I've learnt that I wish I'd known as a Course Manager.

Trying to squeeze that into a 3 day workshop is going to be tough but we have some great people in the team and I'm really pleased to be connecting turf managers directly with them for what will be a fascinating few days of education and practical sessions.

The sessions will include:

  • Understanding spray dynamics
  • Nozzle design and development
  • Biokinetics of plant physiology
  • Microscopy of droplet movement
  • Digital Innovations Laboratory
  • Product R&D trials and results
  • Setting-up testing and operating your sprayer

In this new era of increasingly regulated turf management I hope we can use this opportunity to improve everyone's understanding of how we get product, how we use products and make a few new friends on the journey.

Make sure you come and see us at BTME Stand 428 and apply or apply online here......

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