Cranefly – Are we nearing the end?

In 2019 we had no more reported sightings of Cranefly from this point on, I wonder if that was because they weren't reported or if they had stopped?

Forgive me me but I'm going to press you for a couple more weeks on this one. PLEASE keep logging on PestTracker.

2020 Autumn reported sightings broken down into weeks

When I break down the sightings into weekly chunks it begins to look like the pressure in the South East is running on a little longer than the rest of the country.

With the Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation running out at the end of this month and placing on the market date of 28th we are quickly approaching the end of the Acelepryn season.

Acelepryn Label

If you've seen historic damage or high numbers of Cranefly this Autumn then NOW is the time to apply, we are through the peak hatch and the EA expiration is creeping up on us. Look for that application window and go. Take a look at the application tips here.....

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