Cranefly hatch – nearly there?

In 2019 the second week of September was the week we began to see an increase in Cranefly Hatching.

This is important to know because when applying Acelepryn we want to ensure the majority of Cranefly eggs are in the ground. The Emergency Authorisation has been extended to the end of October this year giving us time to be patient and allow time to make the application just after the Peak Flight.

The next month should see more hatching taking place and when you're happy you've seen the peak of it that is the time to apply.

PestTracker 4th September 2020

The PestTracker map was cleared in Mid August so you can see a clear picture of where the hatch is starting. The activity to date seems to be North East of England but its not exclusive with some activity in the South East too.

As the next few weeks pan out we should begin to get a clearer picture.

When you're happy the peak of the hatch has taken place there's a few key application tips that will help.

  • Keep water volume high - Over 600l/ha
  • Keep pressure low - Between 2-3 bar - lose nothing to drift
  • Irrigate in after application - A rinse off the leaf is all that is needed, Letting it dry on the leaf means its more susceptible to being removed by mowers
  • Return Clippings - Even the best applications will leave some residue on the leaf - the more of this that can be returned the better.

Please keep logging your sightings on PestTracker, the more data we gather, the better we can get at this.

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