Junes Rain Impact on River Flows – Turf Stress

Last time I put a blog out about how dry the weather had been, it was immediately followed by one of the wettest weeks we've ever seen in June.

As we approach the point of the summer when potentially the most stress is imparted on your turf surfaces, I thought I'd try and summon up some more rain, by writing about it again!

This blog has been prompted by the latest river flow rates issued by the EA. I've been waiting in anticipation for these as I'm fascinated to see how short term an effect a wet june has had on our river flows.

How wet was June?

The Midlands and the South East generally received over twice the average rainfall with the rest of the country receiving it's normal amount.

June's rain was welcome relief for most and took most of us into July in a strong position. July has started pretty dry and the impact of Junes rainfall has now pretty much expired.

Riverflow data replicated from EA website

With increasing pressure on our water sources and considerable change to our weather patterns developing these EA river flow maps are going to become very important to turf managers. Despite a wet June many of the rivers around the South are already dropping to below normal, some even hitting notably low.

For golf courses to continue providing quality turf they need to develop long term strategies to secure water through these summer months.

During these difficult summer periods don't forget to put together a solid turf management strategy. Using Qualibra, PrimoMaxx II and Ryder can help the turf grass

  • Gope with stress,
  • Get the best out of the moisture you have and
  • Protect from the elements.

Visit the Greencast site for more information about all of these Syngenta products here.

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