New GDD tool

We've just launched our Growing Degree Day tool on Greencast. Please go and take a look.

What is GDD?

Growing Degree Days are simple tool that is used to measure the period of the day that is suitable for growing something.

These models are used in agriculture, insect management, turf , etc. When Primo Maxx was launched Dr. Danneberger did a lot of work for the Syngenta team establishing appropriate application windows to get the best out of your product.

I was always a big fan of GDD as a concept to time my applications but very much fell into the camp of "I'll fill in my spreadsheet tomorrow" and before I knew it I'd gone a month without entering any data and given up for another season.

So we've tried to make it as simple as possible for all of you turf managers who had the same level of discipline that I did, don't have there own weather station or simply would just have an automated system going on in the background to monitor.

I've done a 20 minutes video here which will help you get started. But trust me it's not complicated. Log in to your Greencast account or go straight to it here ... and have a play - 15 minutes of experimenting, I suspect you'll learn more than listening to me drone on about it ...

Check out this article we've recently written about GDD

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