October FAQs 2020

Acelepryn Timings

I expected a whole host of last minute calls asking when they should apply acelepryn for LeatherJackets / Cranefly this October and I had a few but compared to last year it was minimal. We've done a lot of work this year to communicate the message on how to get the best out of Acelepryn and the lack of last minute panic makes me think the communication was worthwhile?

PestTracker reports were dramatically up this year - Thank you to all who contributed - I'll be summarising the data soon but here's a link to the last summary I did....... fundamentally the hatch pattern remained the same with the southern areas seeing the last hatches.

I have a lot of trials in place this Autumn to look for ways to squeeze more efficacy out of Acelepryn so watch this space for the results.

Fungicide timings

I've seen some disease am I too late to apply my fungicide - after-all they don't work curatively, do they?

Modern fungicides are at there most effective when applied as a preventative however that doesn't mean they won't work as a curative. It's true to say they don't respond as quickly as old chemistry but they do work.

Turf FAQs

The key to getting good success is ensuring you don't delay. Yesterday may have been better than today but today is better than tomorrow.

When should I apply my fungicide?

Its a BIG question - answered in more depth here.......

How long will my fungicide last?

Another big one to answer - best explained here......

Should I add primo to increase longevity?

I get asked this one a lot. Short answer - I wouldn't recommend it. Personally once we get into this period of the year, limiting turf growth isn't something I think is a good idea on greens.

We have done a lot of work with Primo under low light levels in the winter and on the back of that work I'd encourage it's use on Ryegrass or higher HOC areas such as tee's. Whilst you have growth to prep the plant for the low growth / low light conditions on the horizon.

Would I be brave enough to do it on greens? Probably not.

I understand the theory - reduced growth will equal longer fungicide activity but I just haven't seen any data yet that supports that theory. I'll keep looking.

We've lost a lot of products - anything to fill the Autumn Fungicide gap?

Yes FR321 - we did some work on this really nice tank mix last Autumn which showed some very positive results. It's now available in a nice Box Set. Check out the the blog here......

Got a question that I haven't answered - just ask in the comments below.

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