Record temperatures – Impact on soil temps?

I noted with interest the histeria on Twitter as people got very excited about "record breaking" temperatures in the last week or so.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking breaking weather records is probably not a good thing and I certainly don't view it as a positive.

The above video shows how our climate is changing, whilst this is huge challenge for the Human race (not really for our planet as that will survive long after we're gone).

The pressing challenge for us turf managers is dealing with a set of climatic challenges that we probably haven't encountered before.

Understanding how roots react to different temperature can give us a really good understanding of how the plant is coping.

I have a number of remote soil probes in different surfaces around the country and I'm intrigued to know how the hottest day ever recorded in July impacted soil temperatures.

Yellow = Cricket pitch Green = Push up green Red = Stadium sand construction

Using these probes I've learnt how quick soil temperatures are fluctuating, so whilst we are reaching some frighteningly high temperatures (particularly on free draining sand with no airflow) we are dropping down quite quickly too.

Draw your own conclusions - climate is definitely changing - will you need to manage your turf differently in the future?

Check the weather in your area (with a five day forecast designed specifically for turf management pros) on the Greencast website by clicking here.

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