Acelepryn – When to Apply

One of the questions I'm getting regularly asked at the moment is

"I haven't seen any chafers yet this year, should I still apply Acelepryn and if so when should I apply it?"

The sightings for chafers on the Syngenta PestTracker have now slowed down and I would expect all chafers now to be fully hatched and have laid or be laying there eggs.

I have seen some very high populations this week at some venues but they are very isolated areas.

If they haven't hatched then the warm weekend that is upon us will bring the last ones to the surface.

If you've had historical problems with Chafers or the risk of chafers is high and you want to reduce the population then yes you should be applying and your acelepryn application time is now.

The key to success now is to ensure you get the product down into the soil. Chafers bury down deep into the soil to lay there eggs and getting acelepryn in contact with the young larvae is essential to success.

Use XC 08 Nozzles and ensure you follow the application up with plenty of irrigation.

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