Biostimulants – Anything new?

Biostimulants have been used in turf for forever. Flicking through my heavily worn “Practical Greenkeeping” by Jim Arthur (who incidentally would have celebrated his 100th Birthday recently). I can see endless references to “biostimulants”. Sand and Seaweed stacked and turned, Soot, Cocoa waste, sewage sludge, spent mushrooms, etc the list goes on and on. What… Read More Biostimulants – Anything new?

COVID19: an Opportunity for Operation Pollinator?

With reduced maintenance and reduced traffic, is Mother Nature flourishing without our intervention and does this represent an opportunity for Operation Pollinator? With everything that’s going on at the moment it probably seems like a strange time to talk about signing up to Operation Pollinator (which, incidentally is really easy to do). Sophie Oleinik, STRI… Read More COVID19: an Opportunity for Operation Pollinator?